Alaska Chocolate Fountains
Most Frequently Asked Questions

    1.  What kind of Chocolate is used in the Fountain?
    We use Callebaut Belgian Chocolate in our fountains.  

    2.  What is Couverture Chocolate?
    Coverture Chocolate is a high quality chocolate that is very pure with a high percentage of cocoa butter (32-
    The higher percentage of cocoa butter, combined with the processing, gives the chocolate a creamy mellow
    and allows the chocolate to flow through the fountain more elegantly.  

    3.  What are the Chocolate Ingredients?
    Semi-Sweet Dark contains:  54% cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soya, lecithin, vanillin.
    White Chocolate contains:  28% cocoa, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, soya, lecithin, vanillin.
    Milk Chocolate contains:  35% cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, whole milk, soya, lecithin, vanillin.

    4. What can you dip into the Chocolate Fountain?
    Items that can be skewered are fresh strawberries, pineapple chunks, banana chunks, grapes, cream puffs,
    maraschino cherries, and melon.  Other items that can be dipped are cookies, biscotti and pretzels.
    We strongly advise against dipping anything crumbly into the fountain
    Crumbly items can clog the auger and cause the fountain to malfunction.
    We provide small dipping cups and a ladle for items that are crumbly.
    Guests can drizzle chocolate over their food or take some in a dipping cup.   

    5.  How does the Chocolate Fountain work?
    The base of the Chocolate Fountain consists of a reservoir that will hold approximately 6-25 pounds of
    (depending on the fountain size). The chocolate is kept warm by the use of an internal heating element.
    When the fountain is turned on, an auger, which is located in the center of the fountain, lifts the chocolate to the
    top of the fountain. Once to the top, the chocolate then cascades down the fountain, completely covering the
    multiple round tiers. The chocolate then returns into the reservoir where the process starts all over again.

    6.  Who provides the dipping goodies?
    You or we can provide the dipping goodies for off-premise catering.  
    Most hotels, banquet facilities, restaurants, and large venues offer catering for events.
    Most of these places do not allow outside vendors to provide food at their facility and we understand
    this by offering a rental service for our fountains.  We have worked with most of the catering and sales
    staff for these hotels and venues and they are willing to work with you to provide delicious
    dipping goodies for your fountain rental.

    7.  Who provides the table for the Chocolate Fountain?
    The client is responsible for making sure that a sturdy table is provided for the Chocolate Fountain and
    We recommend a 6 to 8 foot rectangle table be used for fountain and to allow for an attendant to stand behind.  
    While round tables look nice, they make it difficult for an attendant to stay with the fountain.
    Be sure to check with your reception rental location that they can provide a table.

    8.  What are the power requirements for the Chocolate Fountain?
    Our Chocolate Fountains operate on a standard three prong, grounded, 120 volt outlet.  
    Please be sure that an electrical outlet is within 10 feet of table for fountain.

    9.  Can the Chocolate Fountain be used Outdoors?
    No, not in Alaska!  
    The main reasons for this are:  

    Climate - It is critical to maintain a warm temperature of chocolate for continued smooth operation of the
    Chocolate Fountain.  Alaska's winter climate is just too cold, and the summer months are often rainy and windy.

    Flying Insects - Because of the chocolate’s sweet aroma, flying insects like bees, flies, and mosquitoes are very
    likely to be attracted to the Chocolate Fountain.  This makes for an unappealing presentation.

    10.  What if our Event needs to go over the Rental Time listed on the Rental Contract?
    We provide that option to you at time of reservation.  On the Rental Contract you may request additional
    rental time and pay our discounted rate of only $25.00 per 1/2  hour.  If additional time is needed on the
    day of the event, as soon as you possible can, please notify the Attendant to see if they can accommodate
    your request and stay longer.  If there are no other functions that the Attendant must get to, then they will
    do their best to accommodate you, however, you will be charged the Overtime Rate Fee of $37.50 per 1/2 hour
    and you will be required to pay for this at the time of request.  Refer to the Rental Contract Terms and

    11.  What if I need more chocolate that what is provided with the rental package?
    You may opt to purchase additional chocolate that can be added to the fountain during your event.  
    We provide this option on our Rental Contract and if you want additional chocolate, you must select this at
    time of reservation.  Just let us know how much additional chocolate you would like to purchase at time of

    12.  Do you provide service and deliver outside the Anchorage area?
    Yes, we do offer delivery as far south to Girdwood, and as far north to Palmer.
    If your event is located outside the Anchorage Bowl Area which is defined by us as being the following:
    any area that falls outside and beyond where the Glenn Highway and Muldoon Road meet, and from
    where the New Seward Highway and De Armourn Road meets.  
    All of the following areas would require a delivery fee:  
    Elmendorf Air Force Base, Fort Richardson.
    We always provide a quote for a delivery fee at time of reservation and will list it on contract.

    13.  How should I prepare the food for dipping into the fountain?
    Fresh Strawberries should be washed and kept whole.
    Fresh Pineapple and Melon can be cut into 1 1/2" chunks.
    Bananas should be kept whole and brought out to be cut during fountain enjoyment
    Mini Cream Puffs are best when served partially frozen.
    Cookies should be left whole.
    Pound Cake should be cut in cake slices and chocolate will be drizzled over it.
    Angel Food Cake should be cut into cake slices and chocolate can be drizzled over it.
    Biscotti should be left whole.
    Graham Crackers are best served when a single cracker is in two halves for making smores.
    Large Marshmallows are best if kept in bag until just before event begins.
    Cheesecake is best when cut in pie slices and chocolate drizzled over it.
    Large Pretzel Rods are the best choice for pretzels to serve with the fountain.
    Powdered or Sugared Cookies are not Recommended, but can be put into dipping cups.

    If using items from a can or jar:
    Maraschino Cherries or Mandarin Oranges - they should be completely drained.
    Canned Pineapple should be in chunks and completely drained.